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These Are The Best Sex Story Sites Where You Can Read Free Erotica

Erotica is still a popular adult entertainment medium. Even though most people think that you have to buy it in a bookstore or off Amazon, there are so many sources of erotica content on the web that can please so many kinks and fantasies. The best part about getting your erotica from one of these free sex sites is the fact that you will be able to browse through so many categories and kinks. The book stores or Amazon won’t give you the browsing experiences that these sites are featuring. In a way, these sex story porn sites are just to any porn tube. You get to browse the content similarly. On top of that, they come with a veritable community experience. Almost all of them are offering members the possibility to rate and comment on the stories and some even come with forums and messaging services between members. You don’t always have to be a member of these sites to enjoy them. We feature mostly erotica websites where you can read content for free as a simple visitor. At the same time, these sites are also offering people like you and me the chance to get their stories out there. So, if you have a fantasy or even an actual event that you’d like to put in words and have it shared with naughty strangers online, some of these sites can give you an audience.

By The Fans, For The Fans

Some of the erotica story platforms that we recommend in this category are coming with stories that are written by people just like you and me. Don’t expect some kind of top-shelf literature. However, when it comes to the kinks and the sex action, these stories are pretty great. The problem with erotica in most cases is the fact that it is written by authors who are doing it for the money. These authors don’t actually share the kinks and fetishes they write about. A porn fan who has said kinks and fetishes could always feel that off beat of the stories. In the case of these sites, all the members are writing based on the passions and desires that they have. They might not use the best metaphors, but they know exactly what to write about when it comes to the dirty part of the action. I also love the community support that these sites are offering. The porn fans are encouraging one another to keep on writing, and some members are uploading story after story. You can even see how their writing improves over time. You can be part of this community and share your own erotica with the internet.

Foreign Erotica Platforms

In the list of recommendations that we created here, we included some big sites that are not coming in English. We have some ideas about the people who are reading our recommendations. We know that we get many visitors from India and also from Germany. So, we searched for the best websites with erotica content from those countries. And we will keep adding links for platforms from other countries so that you can read erotica in your own native language, written by your people. We even found some erotica sites written in Tamil and Hindi, so you can say that our level of inclusion and the diversity of our list of recommendations is through the roof.

Even Erotica Is Becoming Interactive These Days

The goal of porn is to become more and more interactive. There are new sex games all over the web which will give you control over your fantasies. You can have live cam sex with real models and control their sex toys. Even the film industry is coming with VR porn and with sites where you can choose how the story unfolds. Although not many people would have expected the erotica niche to become interactive, it’s actually a thing. These are brand new concepts, and the people behind the interactive erotica porn sites are coming up with so many awesome ideas. It’s hard to put into words how these stories are working, but basically, you get several ways in which you can customize and make your erotica experience interactive. You get stories in which you make decisions at certain key points in the plot, which will change how the action unfolds. You get stories in which you can create an avatar and experience everything like a text-based game. And even collaborative sex stories result from everybody contributing with their own ideas and then giving the reader a massive multiple-choice experience.
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